Movers (Established 1985)

Movers (Established 1985)


Rhema Movers was established in 1985 as a full service professional moving company. Our business activities include international door to door moving services, short / long term storage of household and office effects, office / factory relocations and IT networking support.

In international moving our team of qualified professionals and our affiliated partners worldwide perform to quality standards highly appreciated by a broad base of satisfied customers including many MNCs in Singapore.

Thousands of commercial firms, government bureaus and non-commercial institutions have used Rhema for office and warehouse relocations. Our Three "S" (Schedule, Security and Safety) have been our constant achievements in sure relocations.

Information Technology Relocation has now taken command as a major consideration in Office, Industrial and Hospital Relocations. Since 2003, Rhema has coupled such Relocations with our IT RELOCATION Services and that has gained tremendous succes in securing corporate data and user efficiency with minimum downtime and security.

Rhema's range of services:

  • International Door to Door moves
  • Office/Factory/Institutional Re-locations
  • Hospital Re-location Services
  • IT networking support
  • Re-location of Expatriates Worldwide
  • Embassy moves
  • Piano Moves
  • Commercial Moves & Project Cargo
  • Climate controlled warehousing
  • Hotel room breakdown and re-installation for events